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Ami is a Senegalese artist, creative director, novelist & playwrite with a passion for feminism and African heritage. She runs People Along Roads, a design studio specializing in telling engaging stories across borders.

In this interview, Ami introduces us to the spirit of Senegal and her inspiration for the artwork she created for Good Molecules.



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I'm talking about a city, a country, people, unexpected street scenes, paradoxes, extremes, ant cities, random urbanization, modern and imported culture that clash with resistant and extremely ancient cultures, shock, incredible encounters, myths, intergenerational conflict, great disparity, dichotomy, germinating power, alternative, traditional, religious.

I'm talking about Dakar, I'm talking about Senegal.

I am talking about magic, this magical clicking that is born and form bubbles of culture and creation more powerful than a bomb, I am talking about the time bomb that is my city, my country as seen through my eyes, I am talking about these places that came into the world and I am talking about the reflection of these places through the eyes of others who did not grow up there and who take Dakar in the face.

I am talking about the BPM of my country which in the middle of the chaos of extremes and paradoxes, right there in the middle, let magic blossom, I stand in the middle of it, I feel the pulsations regulated little by little by a vision neither old nor utopian nor modern... a new and hyper exciting vision of what can be these African cities in 2020 after/with their stories and a pandemic!

Dakar , Saint-Louis ....Le senegal.

In short it is finally all about Africa, unclassifiable, uncatchable, boiling and completely Punk.